Ottho Snow Goggle (Blue)

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Ottho SnowVision Ski Goggle (Blue)

*Prices valid for range between +6 and -6, and cylinder +2 to -2.

  • Custom-made snow goggle
  • Integrated prescription glasses
  • Wide optical range (+8 to -8)
  • Fog-free comfort on the slopes with anti-fog coating
  • Photochromic lens (category S1 till S3)
  • Patented solution for a better view!

Looking for a pre-scription ski or snowboard goggle? Shop online now!

This goggle will make life during the winter fun again! With custom made prescription glasses inside it will give the perfect optical correction for you to enjoy the slopes again.

What are the advantages of prescription snowmobile goggles?

The outside lens is made from NXT, making it crash resistant and thus very durable. In addition to that is the lens photochromic, which means it adapts itself to the light intensity and then becomes lighter or darker. The strap is adjustable in length and has an anti-slip silicone layer on it so it stays in position. The glasses inside the insert are made of polycarbonate to ensure maximal protection for your eyes. Finally, the goggle will be delivered in a special bag that can be used for cleaning as well.

  • Anti-fog ventilation
  • 100% UV protection (UVA & UVB)
  • Photocromic lens (adapts itself to the light intensity)
  • NXT lens (crash resistant)
  • Polycarbonate glasses
  • Anti-slip silicone on strap
  • Optical range from +8 to -8
  • Bag for transport that can be used for cleaning as well (special fabric)

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Dimensions25 × 5 × 10 cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Awesome Goggles

Perfect! No more fogging and the light change is faster than the speed of light. Now I can see bumping in and out of bright sun and shadowed shade with no stopping. The progressive lenses are perfect. I love these goggles!


These goggles are great. They are comfortable, the prescription is spot on and they don't fog up. It's wonderful to finally have clear vision on those cold days.

Blue Goggles

An excellent fit and Wow, clarity in vision.
Way better than OTGs.

Hoping to get a lot of use after the New Year.

Very Pleased

I ordered the blue tint snow goggle. The fit is great and the prescription in perfect.

The service from SnowVision is excellent (prompt, helpful and clear).

I am waiting for more snow before I can test them out on the slopes.


Perfect to my subscription, had a wonderfull ski holiday because of these