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Prescription ski goggles without inserts

Finally without glasses on the ski slopes

All-weather ski goggle

Whether it is snowing heavily or the sun is shining is brightly, the SnowVision ski goggle is designed for any condition. It has photocromic lenses which means it can adapt to the light intensity.

Patented Technology
The technology that is being used in this goggle is patented (BE1022281) and therefore offers an unique alternative to people with glasses on the ski slopes. Patent pending in Europe (EP3218764).
Prescription Ski Goggle with photochromic blue lens
Separate parts of the ottho prescription goggle from top view, first the photochromic lens is shown then the lensholder which is glued to the outside lens and then the frame
Custom made

Every ski goggle is custom made, that means it offers the best possible optical solution. When ordering a ski or snowboardgoggle you just send us your prescription and the glasses are made accordingly.

Optical range

Our prescription ski goggles have been developed to be a solution for a large range from -8.00 (myopia) to + 8.00 (hyperopia). This means that almost anyone with glasses can wear the SnowVision goggle.


Looking for prescription ski goggles?

This goggle has been designed for over 4 years and represents the best combination of visibility and fog-free performance. With an integrated insert that acts as an isolation layer, it offers an unique and patented technology that outperforms the competition. The integrated insert is designed to cover a big range optically (+8 to -8) so that everyone can enjoy the slopes. Every goggle is custom made to your prescription!


Skiing without glasses?

Finally possible!

If you are like us then you enjoy going out there and experiencing nature on your skis. The thrill and adventure you get while skiing is unlike any other sport. In terms of equipment there has been a big evolution recently, also for people with glasses looking for the perfect skiing holiday. Protecting your eyes on the ski slopes is really crucial. There are many factors that could harm your eyes (snow, wind, cold, sun and glare). Next to that it is important to protect your eyes from the harmful UV-light, since you will be exposed to it because of the glare from the snow and the elevation. Proper eyesight is also a major contributor for having a safe vacation on the slopes. In 4 out of 5 accidents having poor visibility is one of the causing factors for a crash.

Difficulties for skiing with glasses

Fogging, discomfort and safety risk

The most annoying one is obviously fogging. The glasses are exposed to a lot of moisture (from breathing) and a big difference in temperature (outside the goggle vs. inside). Also when taking a gondola or going in to a restaurant your glasses or goggle will fog up instantly.

What can you do to avoid fogging?

  1. One of the things is to avoid moisture coming into your goggle. When you keep the foam of your goggles dry they will not fog up as easily. This is because once the foam becomes wet the moisture percentage in your goggle goes up and they will fog up much faster. Especially wipe snow from your goggles/foam because it will melt and creep into your ski goggle and fog up.
  2. A second element is keeping your breath away from your goggle, because it will add both heat and moisture to the environment in the goggle. This effect is clear when wearing a buff tucked into your ski goggle. Instead of buff we recommend a ski mask with breathing holes for minimum fogging. When trying to avoid fog it is all about keeping the moisture and temperature of inside the goggle the same as outside.

Fogged up goggles/glasses are unsafe as they will reduce the visibility and therefore increase the chances of a crash or collision with other skiers. Secondly you will not be able to perceive how fast you are going since we rely on our surroundings passing by to know how fast or slow we are going.


Difficulties for skiing with glasses

Fogging, discomfort and safety risk


The second issue that comes with skiing with glasses is the discomfort of wearing your glasses underneath the ski goggle. The goggle puts pressure on the glasses, and they push on the bridge of the noise or on the temples at the side. Besides these pressure points the goggle can push the glasses upwards towards your forehead. The frames can also be damaged by the goggle, especially on the sides and breaking your €500 glasses is something nobody wants.

Third issue is the safety risk of crashing while wearing your glasses. When crashing on the ski slopes while wearing your glasses it can be very dangerous. The frame and glass can break and end up in your eyes. That is also why it is strongly advisable to not have mineral glasses and instead have a carbon-based material. They are more ductile and will not break as easily as mineral glass.

Reasons enough to consider rx ski goggles.

RX Snow Goggle Testimonials

Finally without glasses on the ski slopes

Cédric Craninx (12)

Cédric C.

Unifocal glasses (L:+2.75, R:+2)

"I have always been using my sports glasses from the hockey activities combined with a snow goggle. I have always struggled to keep glasses and goggles aligned. I never had that problem with the SnowVision goggle."

Simon Van Roy (17)

Simon Van Roy (17)

Unifocal glasses (L:+2.75, R:+2)

"I have significant trouble with my eyes and I have been struggling with a combination of sport glasses and OTG goggle. They never exactly fitted and I did not always have a clear view on the slopes. Regularly I had problems with condensation on my glasses and on the goggle. I was delighted with the SnowVision goggle. I always had a clear view and I didn’t have to stop skiing to wipe the glasses for condensation. I even suggested my parents to keep it as back-up glasses for school in case of breaking my regular glasses :-)"

Lotte Defrancq (39)

Lotte Defrancq (39)

Unifocal glasses (L:-6, R:-6)

"Because of my eye correction I can't ski without eyesight correction. Especially bad weather conditions made skiing a nightmare, at some point I decided to no longer go out when the weather was bad. With the SnowVision prototype I was able to go out in every weather condition and ski every time!"

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