All-weather goggle

Whether it is snowing heavily or the sun is shining is brightly, the SnowVision goggle is designed for any light condition. It has photochromic lenses which means it can adapt to the light intensity.

Innovative Solution

The technology that is being used in this goggle is unique and therefore offers an alternative to people with glasses on the ski slopes.

Trained laboratories

Since we want to offer the best optical product on the market we only cooperate with laboratories that have qualified opticians. This is a 100% guarantee.

Experienced Partners

In our collaberation for producing our goggle we cooperate with the most experienced companies in Italy. They have a combined experience of over a century in producing ski goggles and helped us creating the optimal goggle.

Separate parts of the ottho prescription goggle from top view, first the photochromic lens is shown then the lensholder which is glued to the outside lens and then the frame
SnowVision ; Anti-fog prescription ski & snowboard goggles

All weather solution for great vision when needing your glasses on the slopes