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Awesome Goggles

Perfect! No more fogging and the light change is faster than the speed of light. Now I can see bumping in and out of bright sun and shadowed shade with no stopping. The progressive lenses are perfect. I love these goggles!

Great product!

I was very pleased with my Snow Vision goggles. The corrective lenses worked perfectly and my vision was crisp. The customer service was fantastic.

These goggles are great. They are comfortable, the prescription is spot on and they don't fog up. It's wonderful to finally have clear vision on those cold days.

ski experience with Ottho Snow Goggle (Red)

The glasses fog up less and there are no problems with deformation of your glasses under traditional goggles. Due to face masks, fogging of the glasses cannot be prevented. During snowy spells you don't have issues with snow between your glasses and the goggles. Clear vision.

Great Products !

Very satisfied with the hard goggle case accompanying my new Snowvision prescription ski goggles.
2 great products from Snowvision !

Blue Goggles

An excellent fit and Wow, clarity in vision.
Way better than OTGs.

Hoping to get a lot of use after the New Year.

Very Pleased

I ordered the blue tint snow goggle. The fit is great and the prescription in perfect.

The service from SnowVision is excellent (prompt, helpful and clear).

I am waiting for more snow before I can test them out on the slopes.

Ottho Snow Goggle (Red)

I was a bit skepitcal but these were actually great, what a joy to ski without my glasses

Great service!

Great for my snowscootering

I went with my wife on a scooter tour through Finland and could have not gone without these. Was a bit doubtfull in the beginning but these around great!

Finally without my glasses on the slopes

Some small fogging in the elevators for the rest good experience

Schitterend zicht

Gebruikt bij bewolkt weer en had een goed dieptezicht!

Perfect to my subscription, had a wonderfull ski holiday because of these