How it all started

SnowVision started when my mother had to stop on each slope while skiing to defog her glasses or goggles. I couldn't believe there wasn't any product that could be fog-free while at the same time give an optical correction. It was with that idea in mind that SnowVision started on its journey.
After several years of testing prototypes and frustration it is safe to say that what sounds on easy on paper is not easy to realize. Even though the road was long, we believe that we have managed to achieve that goal.

Meet the founders

Wim Van Roy


Wim Van Roy has the lead in day-to-day operations, he has an aerospace engineering degree from TU Delft and a management degree from Vlerick Business School. Always looking for new ways to improve SnowVision.

Jerke Van Den Bogaert


Jerke is active in an advisory role within the company. He has a masters degree in business engineering and is a multiple former belgian champion skiing in various disciplines. He also participated in the world championships and winter olympics.

Jan Van Roy (9/1/19)


With his passion for skiing and know-how as an engineer, he made a vast contribution to the development of the SnowVision goggles. Unfortunately Jan passed away early January 2019. In his honour, we decided to call the first model of the goggle 'Ottho', which refers to Jan's middle name.

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